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Chain Link Fence Installation

When considering fencing options, chain link fences are a practical choice recognized for their cost-effectiveness, durability and maintenance.

These fences serve as a versatile solution for a variety of settings, from residential properties to government facilities.

Not only do they meet the basic requirement of delineating boundaries, but they also ensure visibility, which can be an important aspect of security, allowing for clear lines of sight into and out of the enclosed area.

The design of chain link fences can be adapted to various needs and preferences.

Although often selected for their functional benefits, they can also be customized with privacy slats or coated with colored materials to enhance their appearance and blend with the environment.

This flexibility, combined with their resilience in various weather conditions, reinforces their status as a reliable choice for both security and aesthetic purposes across a broad spectrum of applications.

Residential chain link fence
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Key Takeaways

  • Chain link fences offer a combination of affordability and durability.
  • They provide security while maintaining visibility and can be customized.
  • These fences are suitable for diverse applications, from homes to public spaces.

Chain link fencing provides homeowners and businesses with a practical solution for securing property lines. This type of fence is praised for its economic value and functional qualities across residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


Chain link fences stand out in the fencing market for their affordability.

Compared to other fencing materials, a chain-link fence is more budget-friendly both in terms of initial investment and long-term value.

Homeowners often choose chain-link fencing when looking for a cost-effective solution since the materials are inexpensive and installation costs are generally lower.

  • Budget-friendly: Affordable materials and installation
  • Long-term savings: Durable nature reduces the need for costly repairs


Versatility is a defining feature of chain link fencing.

It comes in a variety of styles and sizes, easily adapting to different applications such as securing residential backyards, sports fields, or industrial areas.

The fence’s open weave design allows a clear view, maintaining the aesthetics of the landscape.

  • Variety: Available in multiple heights and gauges
  • Styles: Both galvanized and aluminized options to suit different preferences
Chan link fence property line


Durability contributes significantly to the appeal of chain-link fencing.

It’s usually made from galvanized or aluminized steel wire, making it sturdy and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

The resilient nature of the materials ensures a long-lasting lifespan with minimal degradation over time.

Chain link fences are popular in Calgary. They withstand harsh weather. This makes them ideal for our Canadian climate.

In winter, chain link fences resist snow pile-up well. Their open design lets wind pass through, reducing pressure on the fence. In spring, they handle thawing and freezing without warping or cracking.

  • Galvanized/aluminized: Resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Long lifespan: Robust construction provides lasting security

Security Features

A chain-link fence is designed to provide a secure perimeter around a property.

While its open weave allows visibility, it remains a secure and sturdy barrier against unauthorized access.

For enhanced security, options such as barbed wire or slats can be added to deter climbing and increase privacy.

  • Secure: Forms a formidable barrier against intruders
  • Adaptable: Can be reinforced with additional security features

Design and Customization

Chain-link fences offer a variety of design options and materials, making them a versatile choice for both residential and commercial properties. They can provide privacy, security, and a certain aesthetic appeal through an array of customization possibilities.

Variety of Styles and Materials

Chain-link fences are predominantly made from galvanized steel or color-coated metal, which not only ensures durability but also offers flexibility in design.

The adaptability of materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and ornamental iron can complement a wide range of property styles.

These fences are available in various heights and diamond patterns, catering to different security and design preferences.

  • Materials:
    • Galvanized steel: Rust-resistant and sturdy.
    • Color-coated metal: Adds aesthetic appeal with color options.
    • Vinyl, Aluminum, Ornamental Iron: For a more customized look.

Customization Options

The customizable nature of chain-link fences allows them to be adapted to a wide range of applications.

Property owners can choose the level of privacy and visual appeal they desire.

Privacy slats can be inserted into the weave of the fence, offering an additional layer of privacy.

For those looking for a more unique style, the fences can be custom-designed with various color coatings and sizes to fit the specific needs of the property.

  • Customization Features:
    • Privacy Slats: Enhance privacy levels.
    • Color Coatings: Match the fence with the property’s color scheme.

Enhancements and Accessories

Chain-link fences can be accessorized with a variety of enhancements to improve functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Gates, such as swing gateswalkthrough gates, or automatic sliding gates, provide secure and convenient access points.

Rolling chain link gate

Furthermore, these fences can be adapted with accessories to meet specific functional requirements or to simply enhance aesthetic appeal.

  • Gates:
    • Swing Gate: Standard entry gate.
    • Walkthrough: For pedestrian entry.
    • Automatic Sliding Gate: For convenience and advanced security.
  • Accessories: Add-ons for functionality and enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Additional Considerations

When assessing the suitability of chain link fencing, it’s essential to consider a range of factors from comparison with other fence types to potential impacts on property value.

Comparing Fence Types

Chain link fences offer high visibility due to their interlocking steel wire design. This is in contrast to wood fences, which provide more privacy but can suffer from weather-related damage.

The thickness and quality of the chain-link material also play a crucial role in its durability and ability to withstand adverse conditions such as strong winds or heavy snow.

A primary drawback of chain-link fences is the lack of privacy they afford.

Unlike solid fence types, chain link does not obstruct sightlines, which can be a significant concern for some property owners.

Additionally, such fences are not typically seen as the most aesthetic option, which might not appeal to those prioritizing beauty in fence design.

Impact on Property Value

Fencing can influence the property value; however, the extent varies.

Chain-link fences are valued for their practicality and functionality rather than their ability to enhance beauty.

It’s essential to consider prospective buyers’ perceptions of different fence types: while some may appreciate the practical benefits of chain-link fences, others might view them as less attractive than alternative materials such as wood or vinyl, possibly affecting the property value negatively when it comes to privacy concerns.

Chain link fencing is a multifaceted solution prevalent in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Its utilitarian design offers a suite of benefits catering to various requirements.

Residential Areas: Homeowners value chain link fences for perimeter demarcation and security. In backyards, they safeguard pets and children without obstructing the view. Customization options, such as varying heights and coatings, accommodate aesthetic preferences and enhance durability.

Commercial Properties: Businesses utilize chain link fencing to define boundaries and improve security. The fences act as deterrents against trespassing and theft, while ensuring visibility into and out of the property. They are also commonly used to enclose storage areas or construction sites for safety and security purposes.

Industrial Areas: In industrial zones, chain link fencing is pivotal for restricting access to hazardous sites. Its robustness withstands industrial wear, making it a cost-effective barrier against potential intrusions.

Sports Fields: Chain link fences are synonymous with athletic fields. They separate playing areas, prevent balls from straying, and protect spectators. Their resilience to high-impact activity and the outdoors makes them a logical choice for sports venues.

Chain link fence black double swing gate


Chain-link fences, characterized by their interlocking coated steel wire construction, present a multitude of advantages. They are a practical solution for both residential and commercial properties in Edmonton and beyond. Below is a concise summary of their key benefits:

  • Cost-Effective: Chain-link fences offer an economic fencing solution without compromising on durability.
  • Durability: Made from galvanized or coated steel wire, these fences resist corrosion and withstand various weather conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for diverse settings, from playgrounds to industrial areas, their adaptability is noteworthy.
  • Maintenance: These fences require minimal upkeep, saving time and resources over the fence’s lifespan.
  • Visibility: They maintain an open view, ensuring surveillance without obstruction.